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  •   You guys were amazing tonight!(1/21 Mauck Chunk Opera House, Jim Thorpe, PA). Floyd is by far my fave band and you all were on it! Very tight, great sound! I got married earlier in the day and you guys were part of our evening celebration! Thank you all for making our day memorable! I hope to see you all in NEPA again very soon!

    thumb Bob Larsen

      they where great it was just almost like being at pink Floyd cannt wait to see them again

    thumb Tone Loco

      Amazing!!!! Would love to see these guys again, they sounded so authentic!!

    thumb Lauren Halla Celi

      This is far and away the best tribute band I have ever seen! Choosing the most accomplished of ProgRock bans in the history of Rock is ambitious in itself. Mastering the sonic intensity of that choice is most impressive! Listeners are instantly transported to a time when the music truly mattered. There wasn't a false, note, dynamic, or most importantly emotion to these outstanding band of true musicians! I am going to absolutely catch a theatre gig asap..... Great work ladies and gentlemen, you were outstanding! (I secretly feel in love with the voice of the soloist in Gig in the sky), close your eyes and Clare Torry appears!

    thumb Rich Morra

      Best cover band ever. They play songs from all of the old albums and not just what you hear on the radio. They are spot on!! <3

    thumb Robin Johnson

      If you are looking for a tribute band to help you relive your memories of Pink Floyd this one is a definite must see. They have captured and covered Pink Floyd to a tee. Impressive show and very friendly people to boot. When you close your eyes and listen you will be amazed.

    thumb Radell Allgaier

      Just a awesome show from begining to end music is on point

    thumb Scott Pas

      One of the best shows you will see!!! This band is fantastic!!! If you close your eyes you couldnt tell "Which ones Pink"

    thumb Paul Jones

      Wow what a show. They performed at Rose Tree Park in Media on Aug 10th. The sound of the music was spot on .And the young ladies that were the back up singers their voices are awesome.

    thumb Wendy Dickason
Foxwoods Casino CT

Truly Great Band!

Us and Floyd - truly great band and all very nice band members. Great night of music and pleasure meeting and working with the band!!

Joe Chironno Booking Agent Foxwoods Casino - Ledyard, Connecticut June 22, 2017

Preemo Productions


It was wonderful to meet you, work with you and share the "Love of Live Music"!! Just as an FYI- The emails, posts, text messages are still coming in regarding your Stellar Performance Saturday night. Your band was " Spectacular" ....those are not just my words.....this is the word that I keep hearing over and over again.
Your support group of family and friends was inspirational to say the least. You truly have a wonderful team ! Please share our thoughts with the rest of your band....Everyone was at the top of their game and it came through "BIG TIME"
Both Elliot and I look forward to recreating this show again in 2017.....
Warm Regards,

Preemo Productions Promoter - Rock Legends Live November 9, 2016

Other Worldly Experience

Just wanted to thank you again for the incredible, other-worldly experience last night. It was one of most entertaining, engaging, inspiring and flawless performances I have ever seen!!
I hope you and all involved are feeling good about what you delivered last night. The rave reviews are pouring in.
Your family, friends and support people are equally incredible.

Bask in the glow. I am. We'll be in touch.

All the best,

Preemo Productions Promoter The Space At Westbury November 9, 2016

us and floyd testimonial

Best Ever

That was the best Floyd Tribute performance I've ever seen, better than the corporate tributes that parade around the country...

Peter Mormoris November 8, 2016

Wonderful Night

Such a wonderful night !!! I'm so glad I was there to experience your magic !!! Until next time my friends !!! 🎵🎶🎤🎷🎸🎹


Loretta Gulotta November 7, 2016

Awesome Show

Awesome show, the band was amazing. The family and staff members made our night. Kids had so much fun and really enjoyed the night. We all can't wait to see them again!

Angelina Elizabeth Canillas The Space At Westbury November 7, 2016

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Excellent!! I'm still feeling the great vibes from Sat nites show! Loved it. Are you able to share the setlist from Sat. Night? Thanks.

Lance Rosenberg November 7, 2016

Rather Great

How talented and right on are these guys? 'Us and Floyd' has it all, expert musicians, creative, impressive light show and effects, and an underlying passion for Pink Floyd Music and making it great live. They're 95% of the 'Brit Floyd' experience (love those guys too) but it feels a little more raw, less tight but still right on. Makes it feel like 'Pink Floyd' in their early days on the way up (but playing songs from mostly the Waters era) as opposed to 'Brit Floyd' and 'Australian Floyd' which feels like the actual Pink Floyd band has stand ins to perfect their libe theater performance!

I have a theory that as Us and Floyd's performances continue to get better and better both with the music and the AV show you'll just morph into Pink Floyd at some point...

George Maier November 7, 2016

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A New Floyd Fan

I was never really a big Pink Floyd fan, but a couple of months ago we came into the Parking Lot at Citified and heard this amazing music. I knew it was familiar , but for some reason I had not really got into their music that much. We had come to see a baseball game, but were pleasantly surprised by the music and when i saw that you guys were playing at the Space, me and my friend got tickets. We were not disappointed by your performance that night.

Steve Baltuck Us And Floyd At Citi Field November 7, 2016

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Thank You ,Thank You. A great show Saturday night! I'm a fan of band but first time seeing you guys with the full light show. OFF THE HOOK GOOD!!!!!. Thanks again see you soon.


November 7, 2016

The Hammers

Still trying to figure out what we liked the best. The backdrop, the shirts, the lighting the sound the setlist the venue the beer ....oops. All your hard work , efforts & long hours are very much appreciated. Thanks "The Hammers"

Stanley Stevens November 1, 2016


Thank You Us and Floyd: New York's Pink Floyd Tribute Band We Had a Remarkable Time The Balcony Seats Were Amazing - see you at your next Show and The Show after That!

‎Christian Nielsen‎ November 1, 2016

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Better Than Pink Floyd

Unbelievable show, we were blown away last night!! Phenomenal. I liked them better than Pink Floyd. They were so awesome, such talent, the girl singer, her names escapes me right now but unbelievable. The sax player, all of them. The singer, we were in awe, I could go on and on. Right up to the last note!!

Laura Dolson Silvestri The Space At Westbury October 30, 2016

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Talk about nailing it. That could of been the highlight of the night from Vera, Bring the Boys Home and Comfortable Numb...I think the place was blown away. It's going to be a tough show to follow..lol... Still raving about last night...any chance of posting the set list...that couldn't have been any better....

Walter Sweeney The Space At Westbury October 30, 2016

Beyond Description

Beyond description...I walked out shaking my head! Absolutely flawless....and that's coming from someone who's seen a few Floyd tributes 😉....you guys brought it to a new level last night. No going back now!!!

Richard Glasheen The Space At Westbury October 30, 2016

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What great group and a bunch of great guys and gals to work with. Thanks for an easy night behind the desk. Hope we get to work together again!

Brian McConnell Sound Engineer Alive At Five - Altoona, PA June 25, 2016

The Best!

I must say I have seen many cover bands, BUT you are the best I have ever seen! Even looked like Gilmour's twin. Please come back to Altoona again.

Lois Metzger Alive At Five - Altoona, PA June 24, 2016

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THANK YOU for an amazing performance! Every member of the band is such a talent and SO spot on. Can't wait until the next gig!!!

March 18, 2016

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The Greatest Cover Band

The greatest cover band of the greatest band ... well, ever! Amazing show, incredible talent in your band, if I closed my eyes I almost could have sworn you were the real Floyd

March 18, 2016

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FANTASTIC SHOW last night - love you guys - was blown away by how much variety you played and how well you mastered everything from Arnold Layne to Final Cut - can't wait til next show..... please schedule soon!! 🙂 🙂 You have new groupie! xoxoxoxox Thanks for wonderful evening - LOVED IT!!!

March 18, 2016

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See Them Every Time!

Best band I've seen in years, loved it. Close your eyes ur seeing Floyd! See them every time!!!

March 18, 2016

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A Class Act

OMG!!! Shock and AWE!!!... I could get on here and write a novel!!! lolol ONE word TIGHT...You guys are one CLASS ACT!!! Can't thank you enough for the experience, privilege, and pleasure of seeing your unbelievably LONG show!!

March 18, 2016

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Amazing Show!

The amount of work that went into this show was amazing! Thanks for the tribute to my favorite band! This is a must see band for Floyd and non-Floyd fans! Incredible!

March 18, 2016

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Close Your Eyes

I never thought I'd say this but this is the best and real cover band I have ever seen! You can close your eyes and feel that you are seeing Pink Floyd for real! Does not sound like a cover band at all! Sounds like the real deal! The voices of this band blew me away! I will be following this band a lot and If you a Pink Floyd fan like me then this is worth it!!! I recommend this band too all my fans and friends to just go and see them! Worth my time and energy last night! Excited for the next show!!! - Lindsay L.

March 18, 2016

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Not a huge cover band girl but it was CRAZY, INSANE and nothing short of spectacular. I really feel like I saw Pink Floyd last night....light show and all.

March 18, 2016


Seriously... That was incredible! I hope you guys are playing again real soon. Loved it!

Gia Burdi 89 North Music Venue August 25, 2015

Hot Hot Hot!

What a concert you guys gave last night... Hot Hot Hot!!!!

Dorothy Hollman 89 North Music Venue August 8, 2015


You guys were SMOKING tonight. Thank you!

Frances Robinson May 5, 2015